A Weekend in Switzerland

February 26, 2017

Weekly Update #4

Guten Tag!

Switzerland was so beautiful. If you love organization and cleanliness I would highly recommend visiting the small country, but note that it is the most expensive country in the world. We saw an advertisement for a Whopper at Burger King that was $17! To stay in budget we had to make"American" peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and limited ourselves to eating out once a day.

Day 1:

Our trip began early Saturday morning when we landed in Zürich… and as soon as we got off the plane we were lost. Our Airbnb host gave us directions, but figuring out how to use the train system when the signs are in German is quite difficult when you can’t read German. Luckily, we found a Starbucks that had the nicest employees. They told us how to get to our apartment and where the best spots in the city were.

While walking around Zürich we made a friend! Marrit is from the Netherlands and was staying in a hostel by herself while she was waiting to meet her parents in the alps.

She was super sweet, so we invited her to hang out with us for the day. She showed us an amazing Swiss fondue restaurant,

we learned that there are 1,200 decorative fountains that you can drink from in Zürich (but I would advise avoid drinking in front of a tour group cause they’ll all watch you and laugh cause most people use cups, whoops!),

we had some swiss chocolates (yum!),

And just enjoyed the beautiful city.

Day 2:

Nonstop traveling is fun, but it is so stressful on the body. So we took Sunday morning to sleep in and relax for once. We finally got out of the house around 2 pm to see Rhine Falls, which is the largest plain waterfall in Europe.

Once we got there, we were able to take a short boat ride to the rock in between the falls

It was so amazing being able to be so close to the massive waterfall!

After the falls we were able to walk up to the castle overlooking the falls. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any cool pictures because I was too excited about the food court outside of the castle. After we finished, we went home early to get some rest before the next morning’s early start.

Day 3:

The day we were waiting for finally came! We booked a tour to the Swiss Alps through Best of Switzerland Tours weeks before our trip and it was beyond worth the cost.

Our first stop was in the little town of Lucerne. We had an hour to explore the town and it honestly looked like it was straight out of a fairytale.

After a little exploring, we got back on the bus and headed to Engelberg to get to Mount Titlis. Even the first glimpses of the mountains were absolutely incredible.

Going up the mountain was a little scary though...

I may be smiling but the gondola was so tiny that it was blowing in the wind, and it just kept getting higher and higher. When we thought we finally got to the top we were sent into a second lift!

Once we got to the top we were allowed to explore on our own. I ran straight to the glacier cave, where we able to walk through a glacier! 

Now, what’s cooler than being cool?

Ice cold!

After the glacier, we went to the cliff walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

I'm not the biggest fan of heights but the view was well worth a couple minutes of fear. After a little more exploring & playing in the snow, we settled down for lunch with an absolutely stunning view.

I know bratwursts aren’t the most photogenic food but Swiss brats are sooooo delicious. Unfortunately, after our late lunch we had to head back home before it got too cold on the summit.

Sorry, this update is long overdue, but we didn’t make it home until Tuesday afternoon and I’ve been recovering ever since.

Til’ next time,


Where will we go next?