Exploring Spain

March 11, 2017

Weekly Update #4 & #5


I apologize for skipping last week, but there wasn’t much to tell. After having 3 back-to-back weekends of traveling Europe we decided to stay home for once. However, I didn’t get to relax during the week like I planned because I spent most of the week working on group projects. I don’t know if it is a “small school thing” or a “European thing” but I hate that so many of my classes are group project based. I could probably rant on about my classmates not doing any work or about the unclear instructions from my barely English speaking teachers, but I will save the ranting for later.

On the bright side, I did get to see the Temple of Debod, an Egyptian Temple that is only about a 10 min walk from my house.

I don’t really know the history behind it, but it's pretty cool that I can see some Egyptian ruins in Spain.

We also stopped by Madrid’s famous flea market, El Rastro

I don’t have too many pictures because there were so many people that I could barely move. Rastro is also famous for pickpockets so I didn’t want to be flashing my baby (my camera) around.

Week 5:

Being the true San Diegan I am, the cold weather has been slowly killing me. Honestly, I think the sun deprivation has slowly been making me depressed and extremely irritable (just ask my roommates! Sorry guys...) I’ve also never cared about tanning but this is the whitest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m honestly so pale that I look like I am sick.

So we decided to visit Mallorca, a small Spanish island, just an hour away by plane to subside our cravings for the sun, sand, tanning and the ocean.

Day 1:

We were a little disappointed when we first got there because it was a little bit cloudy and windy, but the Mediterranean is so beautiful no matter what the weather is like.

Day 2:

We rented a car for this trip, so we could freely drive throughout the island and skip paying for an expensive tour. Thankfully, my roommate, Hailey drove; European lights, roundabouts, one-way streets, and foreign signs give me anxiety just sitting in the back seat.

On Sunday, we drove about an hour across the island to Porto Cristo. We were able to shop, tan and play with a ton of puppies!

It felt so amazing being able to put my feet in the water again!

After a little tanning, we went to see the Cuevas del Drach aka the Dragon Caves.

I got to see some stalactites and stalagmites for the first time! We also had a live band play on a boat in the underground lake, unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures or videos during the performance.

After the caves, we found a hidden beach on our way back home.

If it was just a tad bit warmer it would have been so nice to jump in the perfectly clear blue water.

Day 3:

Our last day was the warmest, it got to 75 degrees! So we tanned all day to try to get as dark as we possibly could before we had to leave. I was so pale that I actually burned a little! I never get burned!

The water was actually warm enough for us to swim a little. It was definitely the perfect ending to our island trip.

‘Til next time


Where will we go next?