Weekly Update #1

January 26, 2017


Moving across the world has had its fair share of challenges, lessons, and surprises… but I made it here safely, and I’m excited to share what I have been up to. Hopefully, I can keep up with a weekly update to let everyone back home know what I’m doing and that I am still alive.

So far I have:

1. Visited the “Central Park of Spain” - Retiro Park

2. Learned how to use the Metro

3. Had Madrid’s world-famous chocolate con churros at San Ginés

4. Visited the Prado Museum

5. Ate at the Gourmet Experience in Gran Via

6. Had my first legal alcoholic drink

7. Toured the city with exchange students from around the world

I have also learned a lot about Spain and the culture, for example:

1. Dinner starts at 9 and you won't get your check unless you ask for it

2. “Vale” is Spain's equivalent to “OK"

3. There is no such thing as a personal bubble, and people do not care if they run into you

4. Their toilets are shaped differently

5. El Corte Inglés is like if Ralphs, Target, and Macy's had a baby

6. Spain likes their meat REALLY rare

And this is just the beginning... like I said I plan on keeping up with a weekly update and I will be posting pictures regularly on my gallery page

Til' next week,